About Me

Who Am I?

Hi everyone, I’m Elena,

I’ve a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Communication from the Università del Piemonte Orientale (Vercelli, Italy) and I live in a small village overlooking Lago Maggiore.

A great passion of mine is reading and in the blog Life is Like a Wave Who Rises and Falls I wanted to create my own space to have a collection of thoughts on what I read. I also like quotes and lots of TV shows!

Another great passion of mine is Alexander the Great: obviously I studied him at school, but I discovered him by chance as a child thanks to the Japanese anime and thanks to that I wanted to know more. Since then I try to get all the books (at least the ones I can) and all the material I can find about him.

Thanks to my passion for reading, I can slowly build my “vision” on this character who lived more than 2300 years ago. I like to think that every book, every article I read, every contribution in general, constitutes in my mind a new part of the map that I have created on him or that better defines an already existing part. I’ve been collecting books about him, you can tell from always, and even though I haven’t read biographies about him for a long time, I’ve always continued to get them.


Update of March 7, 2020:

Over time I realized that I appreciate every contribution, large and small, academic or otherwise, that celebrates or pays homage to Alexander. I was also amazed at how much he permeates every culture and society, in every place and time. Every time and place has its Alexander. And my search for books and material never ends!


I will publish the reviews of what I gradually read, hoping to offer you a bibliography on this incredible character as complete as possible. And despite everything there are some books that I still want to get and above all there are two books that I can only find in libraries, so I don’t consider it complete yet. And I never believe it will.

My all time favorite band, the one I’ve been listening to since I was a teenager, that manages to cheer me up and that when I start listening I would go on for hours: Linkin Park. Their music has a special power over me.

I love my poor cats Nanà and Muschy, in fact, most of the photos I posted on Instagram were them.

Thanks for stopping by here, I hope to be useful or even just to intrigue you,

thank you and have a good reading here,

ELENA firma giusta


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