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“The greatest” – il mio racconto breve tradotto da Francesca Rossi + un piccolo pensiero

Buongiorno a tutti, vi posto il mio racconto “Il più grande” tradotto in inglese diventa “The greatest” da Francesca Rossi che ringrazio tantissimo di avermi autorizzata a pubblicare qui per voi. Desidero ringraziare anche Sabrina del ristorante La Cascina, l’ideatrice di questo magnifico progetto Parole che si mangiano che proprio questo mese compie due anni e infine Valeria della Biblioteca di Stresa perché è grazie a lei che ho conosciuto questo progetto. Un grazie a tutte loro!

Vi lascio un po’ di link per chi ne volesse sapere di più 🙂

Profilo Facebook di Francesca Rossi: QUI – Pagina de La Cascina su Facebook: QUI e website QUI – Pagina della Biblioteca di Stresa: QUI

Prima di postare il racconto vi segnalo infine che sull’altro mio blog Life is like a wave who rises and falls ho parlato di una cosa spiacevole che mi è successa ieri. Ne parlo meglio QUI. Grazie a tutti, ecco il racconto!

QUI in italiano

The greatest

Translated by: Francesca Rossi

How is it possible that after so many centuries, even some millennia, you still influence us so much? A lot has been said about you: legends were born; any type of novels have been written; you have been portrayed in a multitude of ways; you are even in the churches; all kind of art wanted to help to keep alive your memory. You have even been mentioned in the Bible and in the Divine Comedy. You have been the model for many other personalities, but also the cautionary tale for others. You have been named in all the fields of humanistic studies, from ethics to military strategy, from philosophy to poetry and your appeal continues to win over more and more people.

They say your eyes were different colors, one pointed towards the past of the mythical heroes, the other towards the future and the lands that hadn’t met your sunshine yet. You were born many centuries ago in a small area of mountain barbarians, to parents who could praise some divine offspring. Your father was a great strategist and reformer while your mother, woman of many names, was a believer and one of the most discredited women in history. Since childhood you proved to be clever, refined, smart, quick, curious, brave, persuasive, but on top of that one of the greatest philosophers in history trained you.

During your first trial by fire you proved to be an excellent cold-blooded leader and soon everyone would have been ready to follow you in the most unbelievable and colossal challenge. You feared that your father wouldn’t have left you lands to conquer and battles to write, but you watched him dying because of a conspiracy rigged by your mother perhaps and also by you. As king, in your early twenties, you said goodbye to your homeland, your mother, your sister, to your eponymous uncle and you left for the expedition against your enemy. Before carrying out any enterprise you looked for protection of the Gods and for their benevolence. Not only you respected all the religious habits of the people you met and ruled, you also adopted them. Your every step was lead by your mythical felt-footed hero and ever since you disembarked with your army you got only victories. It was not always easy, you actually tried your hand at challenges that seemed to be impossible to your councilors and to the ancient sources where you always looked for examples and suggestions, but you never stopped. You were adopted by only one woman who sent to your camp the most refined food prepared by the best cooks, in order to show her love, but you re-fused it with embarrassment as a sign of respect for your army. You were always accompanied by your companions and friends that were your second family; you respected the family of your worst enemy, even when you eventually became a Great King. Once you defeated your titanic rival and avenged your people, you accepted the challenge launched by your curiosity: never stop, but move on towards the last borders of the known world and beyond. You shared many feasts with your friends and companions where boiled chicken, roast pork stuffed with thrushes, ducks and quails, peas purée on eggs, oysters and scallops; there was no lack of cooked fish and many types of bread, all accompanied by wine, but also by Heracles Cup. You stayed undefeated on the battlefield, but you couldn’t win your greatest fight: keep being the beacon in the darkness that led your men and comrades towards the edge of civilization, among the barbarians and into a world which was from so different from yours to be considered foreign. For you there was no impossible boundary or challenge. You founded a lot of cities, some didn’t outlive the harsh law of time, but others, above all the most important one, became a multiethnic centre of knowledge and technology.

In your short life you laid the foundations for the modern globalization and you knew great passions, but also great betrayals. You were generous with your enemies who understood they couldn’t go against you but, in case of deceit and deception you were cruel in your revenge. There was no lack of conspiracies planned to murder you, but you foiled them. You blindly trusted the people beside you and they called you altruistic and generous. In some moments the darkness of your soul took over and you surrendered to your rage and impulsivity, but later you were your toughest judge.

During the countless battles you ordered to fight you were always in the forefront, riding the horse that only you could tame and your body was soon covered with scars. You had a big romance and when he died young, you lost a piece of your heart with him because you couldn’t overcome your depression anymore. Your death left everyone in the chaos because only you were able to rule such an immense kingdom, in fact, after your untimely death your comrades split your big empire instituting monarchies that chose you as their forefather, trying to equal your uniqueness and to legitimate their power.

Your biggest mistake was not leaving an heir great enough to continue your legacy buy maybe your early death surprised you more than anyone else. Unfortunately none of the direct records of your ventures survived the cruelty of time, so we can try to know you through second hand.

In over two millennia many versions of you have been given and maybe your fugacity comes from the fact that your body lies buried in a forgotten place. Many archaeologists are working in the name of a dream which is shared by many people, to find you and give you the importance that you deserve. When you were alive you looked for eternity through divine paternity even though your conquests and your revolutionary vision were actually enough to make you immortal. How many people have been influenced by your story? One thousand? Ten thousand? A hundred thousand? Each one of them has a personal and peculiar image of you. You have been immortalized with a lot of names because you permeated many cultures and each one of them reinvented your myth and your legend according to its need and age. We know much about you, but still much is unknown and hidden by the ashes of time.

You had many names, the official one is Alexander the Third of Macedonia. Today you are commonly known as Alexander the Great.

Grazie a tutti,


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