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English Book Review: “Alessandro Magno. Lezioni di leadership: I segreti del condottiero che ha conquistato il mondo” by Francesco De Vito

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Good day everyone, thanks for being here on the site Alessandro III di Macedonia- your resource on Alexander the Great!

You’re going to read my review of:

Alessandro Magno. Lezioni di leadership: I segreti del condottiero che ha conquistato il mondo

by Francesco De Vito

published by Area51 Publishing

His name has become a symbol of the extraordinary hero and model of all the great strategists, of the most important conquerors and political leaders in history. But what was the secret that drove the young Alexander to become the Great and ruler of the known world at the time? What ardent desire fueled his actions? Here we’ll try to answer these questions and understand how Alexander came to power. We’ll analyze the qualities, aspirations and strategies of a man who wanted to become god and who lived his existence as a perennial race beyond his limits.

One and a half star.

Reading time: from 7th to 8th april 2018.

Book bought to complete my bibliography on Alexander the Great. Was it a fundamental book? No, but it could be seen immediately that a 50 page booklet couldn’t have become THE book on Alexander the Great.

Some considerations that catch the eye immediately I cannot fail to mention:

  1. This, rather than a biography on Alexander the Great, is a manual of professional growth. This is why there are some economic terms that wouldn’t otherwise make sense in a biography of Alexander. It’s not a biography about him because it’s not detailed enough to be so: it takes out of context anecdotes about his life and applies them to the modern economy.
  2. In not even twenty pages he repeated twice that Alexander sent 300 armors to Athens. Useless repetition but not the only one. Several episodes are repeated several times.
  3. A bibliography of sources is missing. When he mentions a few sentences it’s not known who is quoting. Ok it’s not a biography but, since it’s not even a novel, it’s not good.

There are also bad misprint:

  • Alexander is written two or three times without an s;
  • kilometers once it is written “kilometers” (in italian language is “chilometri” and sometimes “kilometri”: it’s in both cases right but from the formal point of view if you write it in a way it would be better to continue writing it like this);
  • dates! We are in a period b.C. and either it’s written at the beginning and then only the year is reported, or the letter b.C. is always repeated, but it’s not good to write it a sometimes yes and sometimes no;
  • the author uses capital letters a little at random because many times when he wants to indicate a people he uses a capital letter but sometimes he doesn’t.

At the beginning the author says that Alexander the Great has been divinized over time and he is a character that arouses interest. He seems to me one of the many who has exploited this character.
The author does nothing but repeat the same things in a confused way, because he jumps from one thing to another, leaving out important information to better understand what happened and, above all, repeating the same things. If he had told only once everything he talked about would probably the book would have 20 pages less.
The economic terms that initially seemed an integral part of the book, if nothing else it seemed to have given the work a modern economic slant, are abandoned after the first few pages making them useless.

Reading, I don’t say fundamental but at least, curious for those who want to learn more about the figure of Alexander the Great? No, you can even avoid it very well.

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