Outgoing book: “Celebrity, Fame, and Infamy in the Hellenistic World” edited by Riemer A. Faber

Hello everyone, thank you for being on Alessandro III di Macedonia – your resource on Alexander the Great! Here’s another outgoing book I’d like to share with you:

Celebrity, Fame, and Infamy in the Hellenistic World
Edited by Riemer A. Faber

Published by: University of Toronto Press

Modern notions of celebrity, fame, and infamy reach back to the time of Homer’s Iliad. During the Hellenistic period, in particular, the Greek understanding of fame became more widely known, and adapted, to accommodate or respond to non-Greek understandings of reputation in society and culture.

This collection of essays illustrates the ways in which the characteristics of fame and infamy in the Hellenistic era distinguished themselves and how they were represented in diverse and unique ways throughout the Mediterranean. The means of recording fame and infamy included public art, literature, sculpture, coinage, and inscribed monuments. The ruling elite carefully employed these means throughout the different Hellenistic kingdoms, and these essays demonstrate how they operated in the creation of social, political, and cultural values. The authors examine the cultural means whereby fame and infamy entered social consciousness, and explore the nature and effect of this important and enduring sociological phenomenon.

Riemer A. Faber is a professor in the Department of Classical Studies at the University of Waterloo.

List of Illustrations

Introduction: Distinctives of Hellenistic Celebrity, Fame, and Infamy
Riemer A. Faber

  1. Fama and Infamia: The Tale of Grypos and Tryphaina
    Sheila L. Ager
  2. Models of Virtue, Models of Poetry: The Quest for “Everlasting Fame” in Hellenistic Military Epitaphs
    Silvia Barbantani
  3. Can Powerful Women be Popular? Amastris: Shaping a Persian Wife into a Famous Hellenistic Queen
    Monica D’Agostini
  4. Remelted or Overstruck: Cases of Monetary Damnatio Memoriae in Hellenistic Times
    François de Callataÿ
  5. Ptolemaic Officials and Officers in Search of Fame
    Christelle Fischer-Bovet
  6. Lemnian Infamy and Masculine Glory in Apollonios’ Argonautica
    Judith Fletcher
  7. The “Good” Poros and the “Bad” Poros: Infamy and Honour in Alexander Historiography
    Timothy Howe
  8. Writing Monarchs of the Hellenistic Age: Renown, Fame, and Infamy
    Jacqueline Klooster
  9. Creating Alexander: The “Official” History of Kallisthenes of Olynthos
    Waldemar Heckel

List of References
List of Contributors

  • Series: Phoenix Supplementary Volumes
  • World Rights
  • Page Count: 288 pages
  • Illustrations: 41
  • Dimensions: 6.0in x 0.0in x 9.0in
  • Cloth AVAILABLE MAY 2020
  • $85.00
  • ISBN 9781487505226
  • eBook AVAILABLE FEB 2020
  • $85.00

I’ll definitely check this release and I hope to find it soon on offer on some site because I’m very interested in reading it! Does it interest you too? Let me know, have a good day,


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