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English Book Review: “Parola di re. Filippo e Alessandro di Macedonia. Con testo greco a fronte” by Plutarch

Recensione in italiano: QUI

Good day everyone, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia- your source about Alexander the Great! Today I’m sharing the english review of a book I read in italian. I’m talking about:

Parola di re. Filippo e Alessandro di Macedonia. Con testo greco a fronte by Plutarch

Italian edition by Marsilio

The famous phrases of Philip and Alexander, the two Macedonian leaders who conquered the East.

Anecdotes, short sentences, aphorisms pronounced or attributed to famous people – condottieri, princes, tyrants, but also various artists and celebrities – form a sort of literary genre in its own right, a heritage to which everyone is free to draw, in the circumstances and for the most different purposes. In ancient Plutarch collected the famous sayings of generals and kings in a work dedicated to the emperor Trajan, and from this work the phrases and anecdotes attributed to Philip of Macedonia and his son Alexander were presented here. Every single case recounted in these brief flashes results in an effective joke, in an ethical or didactic reflection, in the free expression of a personal thought, the occasion of a confrontation between father and son who could not find a better script, more land fruitful for a psychological investigation. The result is the unforgettable portrait of a shrewd, far-sighted and shrewd mind, of a politician in all respects (Philip, the father), and, on the other hand, the precocious intelligence and precocious wisdom, but also the impetus , the youthful arrogance, the boundless ambition of the young heir Alexander. If Philip was the mind, Alexander had the task of being mind and arm. But the work remained unfinished and the two personalities distinct, not overlapping. We will never know if in the end Alexander would have become similar to Philip and if Philip would have recognized Alexander.

4 stars.

Reading time: from 29th to 30th January 2019.

Booklet that collects Plutarch’s quotes on Philip and Alexander. This selection is not made by the translator and curator of the volume Alessandra Coppola, but is the one made by Plutarch himself for the work Sayings of kings and commanders dedicated to Trajan.

In this collection we find anecdotes about the Macedonian father and son who are very curious: I didn’t know any of them and it was a pleasure to read them and discover new aspects of these two great personalities of the past!

We find 32 aphorisms on Philip and 34 on Alexander and the little volume is enriched with an interesting introduction, a presentation by the author and the work. It should also be noted that it presents a rich array of final notes to the aphorisms that are all placed at the bottom so as not to weigh down the reading of aphorisms.

I’m very happy for this purchase and above all this reading!

Will you read it or have you already read it? What do you think?

Good day everyone,

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