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Quotes: Robert Fabbri – Alexander’s Legacy #1 To The Strongest

Why should he give away what he had won? Why should he give the chance to another to equal or surpass him? Why should not he, alone for ever, be known as ‘The Great’? No, he would not do it; he was not going to name the Strongest; he was not going to give them any help. Let them work it out for themselves.

A noble condition, curiosity; it’s only through curiosity that we can reach certainty as it causes us to explore a topic from all angles.

We don’t go west. […] We consolidate. We each take a satrapy and we rule in the name of Macedon with internal and external policy being decided by the committee of four.

What’s good enough for my men is good enough for me.

Alexander was dead and the world had just changed for ever.

We need to deal with the threats in the order that they present themselves.

Everyone is surrounded by enemies, no matter how large or small the kingdom. The trick is to fight them one at a time or, preferably, get them to fight one another and do your work for you.

Let’s not give him what he wants until we know everything that we would like to gain from him.

No, Perdikkas, you may have Alexander’s ring and you may have control of the king but you know that you are nothing without the rest of us.

Alexander, the man who would push the limits of glory further than they had ever gone before.

And do it now, don’t wait, never wait unless there is good reason to.

Until now coins have always had the gods on them, never a mortal man. By putting Alexander’s head on my coinage I’m claiming his legitimacy; it’s going to be a powerful propaganda statement as these start to circulate around the world.

Never underestimate your enemy.

Since murdering tyrants started pretending to be kings?

A king of Macedon is made by the army not by some eastern bitch that happened to get fucked by Alexander because Hephaestion wasn’t around anymore.

Why risk yourself when there are others who will gladly do it for you?

You really don’t see it, do you, Perdikkas? You really don’t understand that the ring in itself doesn’t give you Alexander’s authority. You can’t go acting in this sort of high-handed manner, ordering your equals around; as Ptolemy so rightly pointed out, you were only half-chosen.

Why did you die so young and leave such chaos behind you?

So it has finally come down to this, has it? We’re really going to fight each other; what would Alexander have thought? He smiled at the notion. Of course, it’s what he wanted, I’m sure; otherwise he would have made it clear who should succeed him rather than leaving chaos. No one will ever outshine you now.

No, you’re not, Perdikkas; none of us are and that is what the whole trouble is. Alexander’s heirs are a fool and a babe and I almost think that it is what he wanted.

4 pensieri su “Quotes: Robert Fabbri – Alexander’s Legacy #1 To The Strongest”

    1. Ciao Serena, il libro è uscito da pochissimi giorni in Inghilterra, quindi per l’edizione italiana bisognerà attendere anche se per ora non si sa nulla. Ho intenzione di chiedere alla Newton Compton dato che è lei l’editore degli altri libri di Robert Fabbri e appena avrò o ci saranno notizie vi farò sapere sul blog! 😃

      "Mi piace"


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