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English Book Review/Collaboration: “La prima battaglia di Alessandro” by Yvan Argeadi

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Good morning everyone, you’re on Alessandro III di Macedonia- your resource on Alexander the Great and thank you for reading this article! Today I want to talk about a little book that I read the other night. I don’t anticipate anything because I want to go straight to the review of:

La prima battaglia di Alessandro

by Yvan Argeadi

Published by the italian: YA Publishing

Genre: Historical novel

Paperback pages: 79

ISBN paperback: 978-8835361527


338 BC Macedonian expansionism in Greece, under Philip’s leadership, is unstoppable. In an attempt to preserve their freedom, a coalition of Greek city-states deployed an unprecedented war force on the field. But a new sun is about to rise, fueled by the fires of that same impending battle, a star destined to illuminate or burn with its own light all the nations of the known world, changing forever the course of history. The story of the first real battle fought by Alexander the Great.

5 stars.

Reading time: 6th February 2020 (I read it after dinner).

I come across this book in one of my researches on Amazon for new books on Alexander the Great, I saw it was available only in digital format so I contacted the author Yvan to ask him about the paper release. I have to thank him for sending me the printed copy and for the dedication!

Five stars, yes, five stars. Some time ago I wouldn’t even have considered giving five stars to a self-published book. But since the other evening I wondered: how many stars? Four? Half past four? Five? And to understand what to do I slept on it and I kept thinking about it until I understood some things about this reading. In this seventy pages, Yvan amused me, excited me and even moved me. I laughed in the ironic parts and waited together with Alexander for his baptism on the battlefield. In these pages I found “my” Alexander, what I believe he was in reality: a boy with an ambition out of the ordinary and beyond all limits, with a charisma and attention to others, his companions and also in details that are indicative of his extraordinary talent and genius. But I also saw a boy who, however much he may have studied and trained, still remains human and is intimidated by what is about to happen. There is no lack of moments of beautiful camaraderie between Alexander and his companions, as well as those of rivalry with his father Philip. The women in this reading are absent even if Olympias manages like a snake to crawl in anyway because he’s there without being there. I don’t tell you how, you have to read it!

Yvan’s writing is incisive and penetrating without however falling into the vulgar and reveals his great passion, admiration and inspiration for Alexander. In the Author’s Considerations Yvan is modest but also ambitious and I feel like saying that his is a book that adds to Alexander’s endless literature – and I know it well because, despite all my economic efforts, my wish list keeps getting longer and longer – but it does it with style and is one of those that stands out.

I read the book in an hour and a half and at the end I thought: “No! But how, are you already finished?” Without spoiler, I tell you that in the epilogue it makes a leap forward in time and the only thing I said to myself is that it shouldn’t have already jumped to that episode but that the whole piece was missing and even after… In short, the only one flaw in this book is that it’s too short, but I don’t think it can be considered a real fault.

The five stars are precisely for this reason: I waited for just under a month to read this book – because I contacted Yvan for the first time on January 13th – and in this month I first tried the doubts in reading a self-published book which then became expectations that rose more and more, because by messaging with him I understood that he’s a true lover and admirer of Alexander. But the higher my expectations were raised, the more there was a danger that I would be disappointed. Instead in that hour and a half of reading I forgot the rest of the world, I had my cell phone on the silent mood, my cat on my legs and I found myself at Alexander’s side. So the five stars are for this: La prima battaglia di Alessandro takes you, captures you and leaves you too early, without however giving you a sense of unfinished or suspended.

The book is accompanied by a small glossary; a map of the battle of Chaeronea; considerations, thanks and a biography of the author.

I had never read anything about this author before, but I hope that Yvan continues to write about Alexander. That he will take all the time he needs, without not forcing things but that he will still write about him, because Yvan knows how to write and also well and when someone writes about something that “takes” so much it’s also easier.

I just have to tell you to buy this book: you can buy it in digital format for the price of a coffee or in paper format at the price of € 7.49 in any physical or digital bookstore (but only in italian language, at least for now). I will certainly continue to follow this writer because if he should write again about Alexander or something/someone who is connected to him I don’t want to miss it! I didn’t spend those € 7.49 but in hindsight I would do it willingly because if all the readings were so exciting and would flow like this, that at the end I would have just wanted to continue it, it would be different and beautiful. Yes, too good to be true. Thanks to the good humor that it had put me reading this book the other night I made a small, unplanned purchase: I bought a super discount book on Ptolemy I.

Finally a due and due thanks to Yvan: for being so kind to me from the beginning and for sending me the book. Thank you so much!

I leave you the link of Yvan Argeadi’s Facebook page: HERE.

#copiaomaggio #prodottooffertoda Yvan Argeadi

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