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Jan Boeckhorst – Alexander the Great crowns Roxana

Jan Boeckhorst alias Johann Bockhorst, Johan Boekhorst, Johan Boeckhorst, Johann Boeckhorst, Boichorst, Bronckhorst, van Boeckhorst e con gli pseudonimi di Lange Jan, Langen Jan, Langhiano, Langian e Doctor Faustus

 Münster, 1604 circa – Anversa, 21 aprile 1668

Alexander the Great crowns Roxana

around 1630 or 1668

Private collection

Oil on canvas, laid on panel
49.4 by 40.6 cm.; 19 1/2  by 16 in.

04 DECEMBER 2014 | 10:30 AM GMT
LONDON Lot. 186.

This sketch in the style of Rubens was likely made in preparation for a print. The design is from the Boeckhorsts’s own imagination rather than derived from Rubens.

The sketch has in the past been ascribed to Rubens, in connection with the picture of the same subject, now in the Anhalt Gallery at Schloss Wörlitz, Dessau. Held argues that it has no direct connection with Rubens’ picture, and was the first to suggest a tentative attribution to Boeckhorst. McGrath has since published the sketch alongside two other scenes from the life of Alexander, likewise arguing that although they show a relation to Ruben’s style, the designs are from the Boeckhorsts’ own imagination rather than directly derivative.

The fact that the figure are shown in a sinistrarum iunctio, that is, holding their left hands rather than their right, which indicates the sketch was made in preparation for a print, a book illustration or even a tapestry.


Source: Sotheby’


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