New coming soon web comic by Reimena Yee

Good day everyone, thanks to be on Alessandro III di Macedonia- your source about Alexander the Great! Today I’ve a great news to tell you and I wish to thank Marta because she made me discover it ❤

The wonderful and exciting news is that a new web comic is in pre-production:

Alexander, The Servant & The Water of Life

by Reimena Yee

Here’s some images of the trailer:

by Reimena Yee
by Reimena Yee
by Reimena Yee
by Reimena Yee
by Reimena Yee
by Reimena Yee

The 21st century graphic novel retelling of the Alexander Romance, a historical-fantastical account about the life, deeds and legends of Alexander the Great. Coming soon.

In the year 323 BCE, Alexander the Great begins to fear.

Fearing the destruction of his pothos – his longing for life, ambition and eternal conquest – from old age, Alexander embarks on a quest for the elusive water of life – under the advice and with the sole companionship of his wisest, most trustworthy Servant. Afterwards, Alexander is given a guiding stone – said to be both lighter than a feather and heavier than a mountain, and vital to his quest.

Soon, they encounter countless fabulous wonders, including glass submarines, naked philosophers, Amazonians, and talking prophetic trees. As Alexander and the Servant approach the End of the World, the conqueror is forced to look back on and face a reckoning of his violent life… and come to terms with the aftereffects of his legacy.

An Alexander Romance revamped for the 21st century, with an original retelling, a new narrative structure and updated scholarship. Alexander, The Servant & the Water of Life uses motifs from the Alexander Romance literature to critically examine the Macedonian king’s life and deeds, combining history and legend to explore destructive power, grief and longing. It pays homage to the previous authors and artists of the Romance – from the anonymous Egyptian creator Pseudo-Callisthenes to the illuminators of Nizami Ganjavi’s Book of Alexander, celebrating the globe-spanning, interfaith, intercultural literary legacy of Alexander the Great.

Reimena Ashel Yee is an illustrator, storyteller and flamingo enthusiast. She creates the webcomics The World in Deeper Inspection, and The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya. Her next project is about Alexander the Great.

Alexander Romance is a particular and fantastic narration of Alexander’s life and in my opinion it’s one of the best expressions of how Alexander influenced later cultures and time. I can’t wait to read this web comic and I hope it will be published on paper also!

Reimena writes on her blog:

It is intended to both inherit and improve on what my last historical fiction, The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya, established. Mainly, art that is inseparable from the narrative (see: Comics as Poetry), executes the majority of the emotional and worldbuilding work, and is inspired by the art of its setting.

Because of the many ways Alexander has been interpreted by myriad artists and writers across the centuries, and because the book is about that legacy, the art direction must reflect that multicultural, multichronological heritage embedded in the Alexander legends.

Despite all that, it’s still recognisably my style. It’ll be completely true to my natural sense of pacing, and it’ll be very artsy.

What can I else say? I don’t know Reimena’s works but I really like her style and colours! I’m freaking excited to read it!

You can follow Reimena Yee on: Web SiteBlogTumblrTwitterFacebookInstagram

Please stay connected to further updates 😀

Thank you for reading,

NB: All the images I used are by Reimena Yee and I’ve taken them from her various social profiles.



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