In course of publication: Kai Trampedach / Alexander Meeus (ed.) “The Legitimation of Conquest. Monarchical Representation and the Art of Government in the Empire of Alexander the Great” by Franz Steiner Verlag

Good day, thanks to be on Alessandro III di Macedonia- your source about Alexander the Great! Today I’m sharing with you an extremely interesting new release being published. I am talking about:

Kai Trampedach, Alexander Meeus (editors)
The Legitimation of Conquest.
Monarchical Representation and the Art of Government in the Empire of Alexander the Great

Published by Franz Steiner Verlag
Studies in Ancient Monarchies – vol. 7

Within a single decade (334–325 BC) Alexander III of Macedon conquered much of the known world of his time, creating an empire that stretched from the Balkans to India and southern Egypt. His clear intention of establishing permanent dominion over this huge and culturally diverse territory raises questions about whether and how he tried to legitimate his position and about the reactions of various groups subject to his rule: Macedonians, Greeks, the army, indigenous elites. Starting from Max Weber’s “Herrschaftssoziologie”, the 15 authors discuss Alexander’s strategies of legitimation as well as the motives his subjects may have had for offering him obedience. The analysis of monarchical representation and political communication in these case-studies on symbolic performances and economic, administrative and religious measures sheds new light on the reasons for the swift Macedonian conquest: It appears that Alexander and his staff owed their success not only to their military talent but also to their communication skills and their capacity to cater to the expectations of their audiences.

Kai Trampedach is Professor of Ancient History at the Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg, Germany.
Alexander Meeus is Akademischer Rat in the Ancient History department at the University of Mannheim, Germany.
2020, 363 pages with 9 b/w illustrations
€ 68,–
978-3-515-12781-3 hardcover
978-3-515-12783-7 e-book

Tonio Hölscher, Kai Trampedach, Christian Mann, Matthias Haake, Ralf von den Hoff, Shane Wallace, Wilhelm Köhler, Michael Jursa, Maurizio Giangiulio, Manuela Mari, Maxim M. Kholod, Michele Faraguna, Andrew Monson, Alexander Meeus, Hans-Joachim Gehrke


Preface 7
Introduction: Understanding Alexander’s Relations with His Subjects – Kai Trampedach / Alexander Meeus 9
1 From Early On To Become A Hero (‘Held’): Mythical Models of Alexander’s Image and Biography – Tonio Hölscher 21
2 Staging Charisma: Alexander and Divination – Kai Trampedach 45
3 Alexander and Athletics or How (Not) To Use a Traditional Field of Monarchic Legitimation – Christian Mann 61
4 Violence and Legitimation: The Social Logic of Alexander the Great’s Acts of Violence between the Danube and the Indus – A Conceptual Outline and a Case Study – Matthias Haake 77
5 Alexander’s Dedications to the Gods: Sacred Space, Pious Practice and Public Legitimation – Ralf von den Hoff 99
6 Communication and Legitimation: Knowledge of Alexander’s Asian Conquests in the Greek World – Shane Wallace 123
7 Legitimation – Unwitting and Unrequested: Alexander of Macedon’s Portrayal as Devine Tool in Zechariah 9 – Wilhelm Köhler 145
8 Wooing the Victor with Words: Babylonian Priestly Literature as a Response to the Macedonian Conquest – Michael Jursa 165
9 Shaping the New World: Once More On the Cities of Alexander – Maurizio Giangiulio 179
10 Alexander, the King of the Macedonians – Manuela Mari 197
11 On the Titulature of Alexander the Great: The Title basileus – Maxim M. Kholod 219
12 Alexander the Great and Asia Minor: Conquest and Strategies of Legitimation – Michele Faraguna 243
13 Alexander’s Tributary Empire – Andrew Monson 263
14 The Strategies of Legitimation of Alexander and the Diadochoi: Continuities and Discontinuities – Alexander Meeus 291
15 Concluding Remarks – Hans-Joachim Gehrke 319
Abbreviations 325
Bibliography 326
Contributors 364

It’s a little expensive book but I think it’s a must for Alexander’s fans who want to deepen his conquest strategies.

This book will be released in the autumn and I hope to be able to read it and review you about it. Stay connected to know exactly when it will come out!

Thank you and have a great Friday and week-end,

Update of August 05

The book was already published on July 07 2020!



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