Forthcoming: “Alexander the Great and Propaganda” by Elizabeth Baynham, John Walsh editors

Good day everyone, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia- your source about Alexander the Great! Today I’m sharing with you an extremely interesting new release being published. I’m talking about another Routledge publication:

Alexander the Great and Propaganda

editors: Elizabeth Baynham, John Walsh

out on: January 1, 2021

Published by:

Alexander the Great was one of the most pivotal and significant personages of the ancient Greco-Roman world. Alexander conquered much of the Persian Empire and his reign impacted upon peoples and cultures from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indus River, and influenced what we know today as the Hellenistic Age. He also features as a legendary figure in both Persian religious Zoroastrian literature and the Islamic Koran. The reasons for the enduring interest in Alexander from ancient times until our own are not hard to find: his youth, his military genius, his ambitions, his vision, his ruthlessness, his extraordinary generosity, his charismatic flamboyance and ostentation.

There is a vast bibliography of modern scholarly literature on the Macedonian conqueror yet there is no volume which has a specialist focus on the use of ‘propaganda’ in the era of Alexander. Propaganda – regardless of whether it was expressed in literature, coinage or iconography – was as integral to the Hellenistic courts as it was to Imperial Rome. This book brings together eleven essays from leading international scholars on Alexander, all of which focus on themes or issues relating to the use of propaganda at Alexander’s court, as well as the courts of his Successors.

Elizabeth Baynham is a Senior Lecturer in Classics at the University of Newcastle, Australia having received her doctorate from the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Her primary research interests are in the areas of Greek history, Greek and Roman historiography and Greek and Roman art; in particular, the reign of Alexander the Great and his Successors.
Hardback £105.00
ISBN 9781138079106
– 10 B/W Illustrations

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: The Concept and Use of ‘Propaganda’ in the Age of Alexander (Baynham)
  2. Kings, Pretenders and Historiography: Ptolemy I and the Capture of Bessus (Howe)
  3. Ptolemaic Propaganda in Alexander’s Visit to Ammon (Pownall)
  4. The man who would be King: Alexander between Gaugamela and Persepolis (Bowden)
  5. Alexander at Naqš-i Rustam? Persia and the Macedonian Court (Müller)
  6. Alexander the Great and the Elephants (Alonso Troncoso)
  7. Literary propaganda at the Courts of the Successors (Meeus)
  8. At the Court of Antigonus Gonatas, the Heir of two Dynasties (Landucci)
  9. Greeks in Asia in the Seleucid and Arsacid periods (Olbrycht)
  10. Desertions and the Rise and Fall of Rulers in Hellenistic Macedonia (Roisman)
  11. Antipater and the Macedonian Court (Walsh).


Elizabeth Baynham, Timothy Howe, Frances Pownall, Hugh Bowden, Sabine Müller, Victor Alonso Troncoso, Alexander Meeus, Franca Landucci, Marek Jan Olbrycht, Joseph Roisman, John Walsh.

I’ll post more updates when they’ll come out! Stay tuned and thank you,

Good day,


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