Paperback edition of “Alexander the Great in the Early Christian Tradition: Classical Reception and Patristic Literature” by Christian Thrue Djurslev arriving

Good evening everyone, thank you for being on Alessandro III di Macedonia! I found a great news on Amazon because it will be published in paperback version a book I want to read! I’m talking about:

Alexander the Great in the Early Christian Tradition: Classical Reception and Patristic Literature

by Christian Thrue Djurslev

Published by: Bloomsbury

It will be published on: June 17, 2021

What has Alexander the Great to do with Jesus Christ? Or the legendary king’s conquest of the Persian Empire (335–23 BCE) to do with the prophecies of the Old Testament?

In many ways, the early Christian writings on Alexander and his legacy provide a lens through which it is possible to view the shaping of the literature and thought of the early church in the Greek East and the Latin West. This book articulates that fascinating discourse for the first time by focusing on the early Christian use of Alexander. Delving into an impressively deep pool of patristic literature written between 130–313 CE, Christian Thrue Djurslev offers original interpretations of various important authors, from the learned lawyer Tertullian to the ‘Christian Cicero’ Lactantius, and from the apologist Tatian to the first church historian Eusebius. He demonstrates that the early Christian adaptations of the Alexandrian myths created a new tradition that has continued to develop and expand ever since. This innovative work of reception studies is important reading for all scholars of Alexander the Great and early church history.

Christian Thrue Djurslev is a Carlsberg Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of History and Classical Studies at Aarhus University, Denmark. He has published widely on the reception of Alexander the Great in ancient and modern culture.

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Table of contents

Conventions and Abbreviations

Chapter 1: Apologists and Co.
Chapter 2: Classical Themes and Christian Tradition
Chapter 3: Tales from Judea and the Diaspora
Chapter 4: History and Rhetoric
Epilogue: Writing Alexander, Writing Constantine


ISBN: 978-1350194465

Pages: 240


I’m very happy because the hardback edition was too much expensive for me but I’ll finally have the opportunity to read it! Stay tuned for further updates! Have a great day,


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