Coming soon: “Ancient Macedonia” by Miltiades Basileios Hatzopoulos

Good day everyone, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia- your source about Alexander the Great! Today I’d like to report you an interesting new release coming soon. I’m talking about:

Ancient Macedonia

by Miltiades Basileios Hatzopoulos

Published by: De Gruyter, 31 October 2020

€ 24.95

Nearly two centuries have passed since K. O. Müller published the first “scientific” study “on the habitat, the origin and the early history of the Macedonian people”. An ever growing number of publications appearing each year has rendered urgent a critical appraisal of this exuberant production, the more so that many aspects of ancient Macedonia remain controversial, if not problematic. Yet after seventy years of large-scale systematic excavations the activity of Greek archaeologists, as well as the labour of scholars from all over the world, have revealed a heretofore terra incognita and given a consistency to the people that Alexander led to the end of the known world. Now more than ever before we can tackle the “main problems” that have been contested without conclusion: Where exactly was Macedonia? Which were its limits? Where did the Macedonians come from? What language did they speak? What cults did they practice? Did they believe in an afterlife? What political and social institutions did they have? What was Alexander’s role in his father’s death? What were his aims? To what extent can we trust ancient historians? Alexander failed to provide a stable successor to the Achaemenid multiethnic empire, and the sands of Egypt have effaced even the traces of his last abode, yet if he returned to life, he could still boast in the words of Cavafy, a modern Alexandrian in every sense, “a new Hellenic world, a great one, came to be … with the extended dominions, with the various attempts at judicious adaptations. And the Greek koine language all the way to outer Bactria we carried it, to the peoples of India”.

Miltiades B. Hatzopoulos, Academy of Athens and KERA, Athens, Greece and Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, Paris, France.
31 Oct 202031 Oct 202031 Oct 2020

Language: English

Format: 23.0 x 15.5 cm

Pages: 250

Illustrations Color: 4

Keywords: Macedonia; Alexander the Great; Philip of Macedon; Greece

Audience: Students and scholars of Ancient History, Geography, Philology, Linguistics


Frontmatter I–IV
Preface V–VIII
Contents IX–X
Note on transliterations XI–XII
List of Figures XIII–XIV

  1. Introduction: Why does ancient Macedonia matter? 1–3
  2. The Land: Where was Macedonia? 4–48
  3. Who were the Macedonians? 49–124
  4. Personalities 125–169
  5. Envoi: Were the Macedonians visited by heaven-sent madness? 170–176
  6. Conclusion 177–178
    Abbreviations and Bibliography 179–204
    Index 205–238
    Figures 239–242

I’ve already pre-ordered it on Amazon! Are you interested too on it? Stay tuned, have a good day,


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