Forthcoming: “Alexander the Great in the Roman Empire, 150 BC to AD 600” by Jaakkojuhani Peltonen (paperback edition)

Good day everyone, thanks to be on Alessandro III di Macedonia. Today I’ve some new books coming out soon to share with you. The second of today is:

Alexander the Great in the Roman Empire, 150 BC to AD 600

by Jaakkojuhani Peltonen

Out on: December 18, 2020 (paperback edition)

Published by: Routledge

The life of Alexander the Great began to be retold from the moment of his death. The Greco-Roman authors used these stories as exemplars in a variety of ways. This book is concerned with the various stories of Alexander and how they were used in antiquity to promote certain policies, religious views, and value systems.

The book is an original contribution to the study of the history and reception of Alexander, analysing the writings of over 70 classical and post-classical authors during a period of over 700 years. Drawing on this extensive range and quantity of material, the study plots the continuity and change of ideas from the early Roman Empire to the early Middle Ages.

Jaakkojuhani Peltonen is a researcher at Tampere University. He defended his thesis in 2017. His special interests include the use of history, Alexander the Great, and perceptions of the past in the classical world.

Table of Contents

List of figures


1 Introduction

2 Alexander in an Empire of Romans, Greeks, and Jews

3 Alexander as a Model of Behaviour

4 Alexander in Relations of Power and Influence

5 Alexander in Christian Apologia

6 Conclusion

Appendix 1: Primary sources

Appendix 2: Chronological distribution of the data



Paperback edition

£ 36.99

ISBN 9780367731670

270 Pages

I’ve to buy it! Are you also interested in this release? Let me know, good day everyone,


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