Amazing news from H.A. Culley and “Macedon” trilogy!

Good day everyone, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia! Today I’ve a wonderful update about Macedon trilogy by H.A. Culley!

Almost a year ago I found this trilogy was published but wasn’t available anymore and I talked about it HERE. Yesterday or last night the autor stumbled, I don’t know how and why, into my article and he commented it writing this:

And the whole trilogy is already available in any Amazon shop! For now only the kindle version is available but I hope the paperback version will arrive soon. I will keep you informed in any case if there is any news (and I hope so!) I leave you the synopsis of the three books of this saga and also the data to find them quickly on your favorite Amazon.something! Type the ASIN code of the book you are looking for in the search bar on Amazon and you’ll find the Kindle edition of it!

The Strategos – (Macedon #1)


This first novel in the trilogy charts the rise to power of Parmenion, one of history’s greatest generals, who was instrumental in helping Philip II to conquer Greece and Alexander the Great to conquer Persia.

Parmenion is the second son of a minor noble who sets out as a mercenary to make a name of himself. After a disastrous expedition to Egypt ,Parmenion overcomes assassination plots, treachery and betrayal at home and as well as battling against Macedon’s external enemies, who endanger the very survival of the kingdom.

Eventually Parmenion helps Philip to secure his throne and to win a stunning victory on the plains of Illyria.

The Sacred War – (Macedon #2)


When the Phocians sack the Oracle at Delphi and steal Apollo’s treasure, which belongs to Athens, Thebes and Corinth, the Greeks declare a sacred war against the defilers of the oracle. Philip allows Athens, Thebes and Phocis to exhaust themselves during a decade of fighting before stepping in to broker a peace between them.

Having brought most of the Hellenic world under his rule he fights one last battle against Athens and Thebes during which his son, the eighteen year old Alexander, plays a crucial role.

Alexander – (Macedon #3)


From the moment of his birth Alexander has to fight for his rights as heir to the throne of Macedon. His father is torn between pride in and antagonism towards his son and comes close to killing him more than once. Brought up in harsh competitive environment, Alexander emerges with a burning desire to conquer the known world.

H A Culley’s novel about Alexander’s boyhood and his path to the throne is a fast paced tale of intrigue and warfare. When his mother arranges his father’s assassination, Alexander is quick to eliminate his rivals and seize the crown for himself. With a speed that catches the other Greek states by surprise, he overcomes all resistance and makes himself the supreme ruler of Greece in just a few months.

However, he must still secure his route to the Danube, deal with insurrection in Illyria and the perfidy of Thebes before he can embark on his of conquest of Asia.

H A Culley served as an Army officer for twenty four years during which time he had a variety of unusual jobs. He spent his twenty first birthday in the jungles of Borneo, commanded an Arab infantry unit in the Gulf for three years and was the military attaché in Beirut during the aftermath of the Lebanese Civil War. After leaving the Army he spent twenty one years in the education sector. He has served on the board of two commercial companies and has been a trustee of several national and local charities. His last job before retiring was as the finance director and company secretary of the Institute of Development Professionals in Education. Since retirement he has been involved in several historical projects and gives talks on historical subjects. He started writing historical fiction in 2013.

All three books are reasonably priced and I very much hope to be able to purchase them soon in paperback format! Are you interested in reading them? Let me know, thank you all and I wish you a good weekend,


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