Out in May 2021: “Alexander the Great Letters: A Selection” by Giustina Monti

Good evening everyone, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia. I’ve a quick future publication to report to you:

Alexander the Great Letters: A Selection

by Giustina Monti

Published by: Liverpool University Press on May 1st, 2021

This book offers the first critical edition with an English translation and commentary on some of the letters attributed to Alexander and transmitted by mainly Plutarch and Arrian. The vast majority of the texts examined here are constituted by Alexander’s ‘private’ letters, but the book also includes some letters regarded as official. Thirty-four letters are included, although there are many more letters allegedly written by Alexander, which are definitely forgeries. The doubts about the letters mostly come from the fact that the Romance of Alexander is considered a sort of epistolary novel, thus it has been argued that at some point a collection of Alexander’s letters was put together, containing a nucleus of genuine letters, but also expanded with forgeries. This volume attempts to isolate the letters which are regarded as authentic by the majority of modern scholars, with each letter followed by an outline of previous scholarly discussion of its authenticity.

The book brings to wider attention a much-neglected corpus by employing an innovative approach. The traditional study of epistolography tends to focus on literary rather than historical aspects of the genre, whereas this book, by exploring the culture behind the action of writing at Alexander’s court and the diverse approaches in relation to the letters, suggests that different criteria and new ways of writing history, prompted by Eastern standards, were introduced at his court. Furthermore, the collection shows that the step Alexander made, when he assumed the title of Great King, had formal and cultural implications. Finally, the book discusses the provenance of the letters, especially who among the historians contemporary with Alexander knew and handed the letters down.

Giustina Monti is Lecturer in Classical Studies (Greek Culture), University of Lincoln and Programme Leader for Classical Studies. She is the author of several articles on Alexander the Great and the editor of A Cultural History of Historiography in Antiquity (forthcoming 2023).
ISBN: 978-1-800-34862-2
Pages: 192
Price: £ 90.00

I think the paperback version will also be released and that for now they haven’t yet created the card on the website, given the wide notice. I’ll keep you informed!

Add and save this to your Google Calendar:

I hope I’ll have the opportunity to buy this book and find it at a discounted price because it’s too expensive for me but I’ll absolutely have to read it. Are you interested in it? Let me know, good evening everyone


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