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Quotes: Kate Elliott – “Unconquerable Sun” (The Sun Chronicles #1)

Quotes from the Uncorrected Advance Reading Copy.

There is but one true sun, and each of us
casts nothing more than her reflected glory.

Sun said nothing. Queen-Marshal Eirene had achieved what everyone said was impossible. But since she’d done it, that meant it hadn’t been impossible.

Surely nothing was beyond reach, not for the one willing to risk all and accept no limits.

“You can still lose with a good hand if you don’t play well.”

I’ve seen more of the world than most.

“It’s always bad when you go quiet. It eats you up and burns you out. You’re better off letting it out.”
“Crying and swearing?”
“Why not? I go to the gym and punch things. It’s all right to not be able to handle everything.”

“Fake innocence doesn’t work on me any better than mockery does.”

“There is no shame in love, or shouldn’t be.”

“Death takes us all.”

“I have left my home behind me, and I seek what lies ahead.”

“We all have our obsessive qualities.”

“Let your actions not shame you and your banner.”

I would rather die honorably than live with disgrace.

Emotion will impair your reason if you let anger or pleasure control you.

Leave no companion behind.

“I can’t live being suspicious of people who I feel a connection to. I’d rather get burned.”


“We are all destined for death.”

At that instant I forgive him. Holding on to my grudge isn’t worth it. In this world we can’t afford to lose the companions who have our backs. Everyone makes mistakes; everyone succumbs to pressures, many of which are out of their control.

“How can citizens learn about what needs to be changed if they’re never allowed to see it?”

“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place.”

Grief is a beast, and she would not feed it.

Dreams had power to breach great distances.

“Honor and respect is stripped from the one who makes no protest.”

“Let those we leave behind remember us in the days to come.”

Crossing the ocean of stars we leave our home behind us.
We are spears cast into the furious heaven
And we will burn one by one into ashes
As with the last sparks we vanish.
This memory we carry to our own death which awaits us
And from which none of us will return.
Do not forget. Goodbye forever.

I wonder if the truth really makes you free.


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