New book out: “Alexander the Great was here, and so was I” by Leonidas Argyraspid

Good day everyone, happy last Sunday pre-Christmas, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia! I’d like to report you a new book published a few days ago.

Alexander the Great was here, and so was I

by Leonidas Argyraspid

ISBN: 978-9090339016

Independently published

This book can be used as a travel guide but also as a guideline to follow Alexander the Great making his way through history. I have tried to look at his conquests through his eyes, well aware that this is a near-impossible task 2,500 years onwards. My travels were a most wonderful and exhilarating experience, which I love to share with my readers.

My fascination for ancient Greece and for Alexander the Great goes back to my youth. At the time, this was nothing more than a dream – a very comfortable dream. It was, however, not until the last decade or so that I could dedicate all my time to Alexander.

Ever since my early visits to Greece, he was my faithful travel companion. Eventually, I followed him into modern-day countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Iran and Uzbekistan.

Over the years, I gathered precious information. Standing on the banks of the Granicus, skirting the Zagros Mountains, or crossing the Oxus River on foot gave me a totally different feeling and perspective of the events than my extensive reading and documentation could ever provide. I returned home with scores of stories about the heritage left by Alexander and the Hellenistic Age he initiated.

Part of this vast baggage led me to writing this book treading in Alexander’s footsteps from his birth in Pella to his death in Babylon. Matching his route on a modern map was quite challenging. I ended up creating my own interpretation of his whereabouts and merged his logistics with my personal experiences.

It’s my dream to make one or more trips like the author of the book did and it will be great to read about her wonderful experience!

You can find Alexander the Great was here, and so was I (that I know of) on,, Rakuten Kobo (I bought it from this last one) at the price of 7,50 € and it has approximately 540 pages, but isn’t available on the Amazon store and due to the large amount of color photographs isn’t available in paper format because the price would have been too high. I’d like to specify that it contains many and beautiful color photos taken by the author!

603 pages
13 – 14 hours of reading
164,000 words in total
$ 8.25 USD – £ 6.50 – € 7,50
Release Date: November 29, 2020
ISBN: 9789090339016
Language: English
Download options: EPUB 2 (DRM-Free)

The book has a lot of photographs, the Appendix The Matter of Succession, but also maps and acknowledgments and bibliography. Obviously when I’ll read it I’ll review it!

To conclude, Leonidas has also a wonderful blog: Megas Alexandros and you should check it!

Happy Sunday and best regards,


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