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Fairy Tale Review: “Alexander and the 12 Nereids” by Maria Mavroyenneas (Collaboration)

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Good evening everyone, thanks for being on Alessandro III di Macedonia, in these days I have been a bit behind in publishing the reviews and I hope with today to catch up! I’ll start immediately by telling you about a story that I really liked! I’m going to tell you about:

Alexander and the 12 Nereids

Mythical Women behind the Great King of Macedonia

(Mythical women’s adventure stories)

by Maria Mavroyenneas

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015

ISBN: 1230000660167, pages 15

Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, was one of the most outstanding personalities to walk this earth. Did that happen by coincidence or was it planned by some Nereids, who had disobeyed their Mother? It was no secret to the mythical creatures that lived on the mountain above Alexander’s city. They were always watching and were often too quick to interfere in the lives of its unsuspecting inhabitants.

It all started one starry summer’s night when Alexander was born. But exactly what did happen that fateful night? Was it then that the young prince’s fate was sealed? Who were truly behind those spectacular victories and epic achievements that made him a legend? And, finally, who was to blame for it all ending so suddenly while his glory was at its zenith?

Classificazione: 4 su 5.

Reading time: 13 January2021.

I received a copy of the book from the author which I thank very much in exchange for an honest review.

This dream fairy tale can be read in very little, it seems like a fairy tale to be told to children before bedtime. It is very sweet, suave and even if Alexander is a secondary figure it’s very beautiful. The twelfth nereid, the youngest born on the same day as Alexander falls in love with him, but his eleven older sisters also suffer from his charm, so they all interfere in his life, giving him all the best gifts and virtues and watching over him like guardian angels until to the dramatic but beautiful epilogue. I love that despite the many powers of all these mythical women they did nothing to change Alexander’s death. The author could have closed with a happy ending but she didn’t and I think she did very well because she would have upset the story instead, in this way she respects it despite being in a fantasy world dominated by magical and immortal creatures. Furthermore, this story connects the myth of the Nereids to that of the Gorgons which fascinates me very much because the legend about it is very very beautiful.

Very beautiful, dreamlike, fantastic! If you are looking for a beautiful fairy tale you have found it! Too bad it’s only in English because it deserves to be translated into Italian! You can find this story in all online stores in digital format only at a price of a few euros/dollars/pounds or more!

Thank you so much Maria for making me dream with this beautiful story!

Have a good evening,

#copiaomaggio #prodottooffertoda Maria Mavroyenneas

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