New publication soon: “The Making of a King. Antigonus Gonatas of Macedon and the Greeks” by Robin Waterfield

Good day everyone, thanks to be on Alessandro III di Macedonia! I’ve a new publication to report you because it may interest those of you who are interested in Hellenism!

The Making of a King

Antigonus Gonatas of Macedon and the Greeks

by Robin Waterfield

Published by University of Chicago Press

Will Publish on: 22 March 6 April 2021

In the third century BCE, the ancient kingdom of Macedon held dominion over mainland Greece, but it was rapidly descending into chaos. After Alexander the Great’s death, several of his successors contended for the Macedonian throne, and amid the tumult the Celts launched a massive invasion, ravaging and plundering Macedon and northern Greece for years. The Celts finally met their defeat at the hands of Antigonus Gonatas, son of one of Alexander’s successors. An exceptional statesman and artful strategist, Antigonus protected Macedon and its Greek territories against aggressors coming from every direction. After almost fifty years of chaos brought on by Alexander’s death, Antigonus stabilized Macedon and Greece and laid the foundation for a long but troubled reign. 

In this book, distinguished historian Robin Waterfield draws on his deep understanding of Greek history to bring us into the world of this complicated, splintered empire. He shows how, while Antigonus was confirming his Macedonian rule through constitutional changes, the Greeks were making moves toward independence. Two great confederacies of Greek cities emerged, forming powerful blocs that had the potential to resist the power of Macedon. The Making of a King charts Antigonus’s conflicts with the Greeks and with his perennial enemy, Ptolemy of Egypt. But Antigonus’s diplomatic and military successes were not enough to secure peace, and in his final years he saw his control of Greece whittled away by rebellion and the growing power of the Greek confederacies. Macedon’s lack of firm control over Greece ultimately made it possible for Rome to take its place as the arbiter of the Greeks’ future.

The Making of a King is Waterfield’s third volume about the Greeks in the era after Alexander the Great. Completing the story begun in his previous two books, Dividing the Spoils and Taken at the Flood, it brings Antigonus and his turbulent era to life. With The Making of a King—the first book in more than a century to tell in full the story of Antigonus Gonatas’s reign—this fascinating figure finally receives his due.

Robin Waterfield is an independent scholar and translator living in southern Greece. In addition to more than twenty-five translations of works of Greek literature, he is the author of numerous books, including Olympia: The Story of the Ancient Olympic Games and Creators, Conquerors, and Citizens: A History of Ancient Greece.

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List of Illustrations
Preface and Acknowledgments
General Maps
Time Line and King Lists

Introduction: A Time of Transition

Part One
The Wilderness Years (319–276)
1. The Disarray of Macedon
2. The Pride of Sparta
3. The Democratic Spirit of Athens
4. The Vigor of Confederacies
5. The Empire of the Ptolemies

Part Two
Kingship (276–239)
6. King of Macedon
7. Antigonus and the Greeks
8. The Wheel of Fortune
9. Court and Culture
10. A Glimpse of the Future


Cloth $27.50
ISBN: 9780226611372

E-book $27.50
ISBN: 9780226611402

I saw it’s already pre-orderable on Amazon and it will costs 23,61 €.

Are you intrested in this? I definetly am!

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Source: The University of Chicago Press website


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