Out soon: “The Lion’s Cub” (The Philalexandros Chronicles Book 1) by L. M. Zorn

Good day everyone, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia! Yesterday evening I found an interesting new historical and LGBT fiction book to report you because it will be published soon:

The Lion’s Cub

(The Philalexandros Chronicles Book 1)

by L. M. Zorn

Publication date: 23 February 2021

Independently Published

The beginning of a friendship that would change the world…

Alexandros, a prince of Macedon, has been a pawn in his parents’ battle for power from his earliest memories. His whole life in the cut-throat world of the royal court has been spent walking the knife edge of their warring demands, balancing his duty to King Philippos’ legacy with his obligations to his mother Olympias and her fierce ambitions, rarely seen as a person in his own right. While tending his horse, he has a chance encounter with Hephaistion, a boy from the back hills who says exactly what he thinks and who sees Alexandros in a way no one else ever has.

Hephaistion arrived for training at the Royal Page School in Pella with one goal: to make his father proud. But the maddening boy he unceremoniously meets on Pella’s training fields turns Hephaistion’s world upside down. Alexandros is exceptional in every way, and unlike anyone he has ever met before, and their close friendship drags Hephaistion into the world of the royal court where intrigue, infighting, and politics put their lives on the line.

Hephaistion is unprepared to find himself so close to the heart of the royal household, and Alexandros is reluctant to put his complete trust in anyone after growing up surrounded by treachery.

As they navigate the dangers of the court and the world around them, a relationship born out of chance becomes the foundation of an empire. Their friendship marks the start of a journey beyond the bounds of the world they know, beyond even any world they could imagine, and into legend.

L M Zorn lives on a rural property on New Zealand’s South Island, with a pack of dogs, too many chickens, freeloading horses who know when they’re on to a good thing and a partner who holds it all together.

ISBN 978-0-473-56026-3 (Epub)
ISBN 978-0-473-56027-0 (Kindle)
ISBN 978-0-473-56028-7 (iBook)

I’m fascinated about the book cover because is wonderful! I’m following the author on Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads and I’ll read and review the book as soon as I can! The Lion’s Cub is the first book of The Philalexandros Chronicles series and this book intrigues me a lot!

The book will be available in the digital version at a little price (1,64 € / £1.45 / $1.98) on Amazon, Kobo and others. You can also read the first chapter HERE. For now there will only be the digital version but I hope the author – is the author a she or he?? – will publish the paper version also because I’m a lover of the paper!

I think I’ve told you everything for now! Follow the author on his socials and stay tuned for future updates!

Good day, good week and good Monday,


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