Out soon: “Who’s Who in the Age of Alexander and his Successors” by Waldemar Heckel, foreword by Peter Tsouras

Good day everyone, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia! Today I’m publishing three articles about three new publications that you’ll love it! I’m excited for them all! Let’s see the freaking awesome second one!

Who’s Who in the Age of Alexander and his Successors

From Chaironeia to Ipsos (338-301 BC)

By Waldemar Heckel, Foreword by Peter Tsouras

Published by: Greenhill Books

on: 30th June 2021

A unique compilation of more than one thousand concise biographies of those involved in the campaigns of Alexander the Great, and the struggle for power after his death. From leading commanders in Alexander’s army to the nobles of the Persian Empire, and the many other individuals he encountered throughout his life and reign, these complete and balanced biographies are drawn from the literary and epigraphic sources of the age.

First published in 2006, this version has been expanded and substantially revised to widen the human and political landscape in which Alexander moved.

The only work of its kind, this is an essential guide to a fascinating and pivotal historical era, and to one of history’s most successful military commanders.

Waldemar Heckel is a Canadian historian. Internationally regarded as a researcher on Alexander the Great, he has published numerous works on the subject. Other focal points of his research are ancient Greek history and ancient Greek warfare. Until his retirement in late 2013, he taught as a Professor of Ancient History at the University of Calgary.

Peter G Tsouras is a respected military historian and a leading writer of alternative history in addition to other subjects ranging from Alexander the Great to World War II. His books include Disaster at D-DayThe Daily Telegraph Dictionary of Military Quotations and (as editor and contributing author), Rising Sun VictoriousDixie Victorious and Cold War Hot.

Imprint: Greenhill Books
Pages: 576
ISBN: 978-1784386481
Publish on: 30th June 2021
RRP £30.00

Yes, it’s true: Who’s Who in the Age of Alexander and his Successors will be reprinted in this revised and expanded verion. I can’t believe it! And it’s a to buy book, for sure!

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