Just published: “Early Arsakid Parthia (ca. 250-165 B.C.)” by Marek Jan Olbrycht

Good day everyone, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia! A few days ago was published a book that might interest some of you:

Early Arsakid Parthia (ca. 250-165 B.C.)

At the Crossroads of Iranian, Hellenistic, and Central Asian History

by Marek Jan Olbrycht

Published by: BRILL on 27 May 2021

In his new monograph Early Arsakid Parthia (ca. 250-165 B.C.): At the Crossroads of Iranian, Hellenistic, and Central Asian History, Marek Jan Olbrycht explores the early history of the Arsakid Parthian state. Making use of literary and epigraphic evidence as well numismatic and archaeological sources, Olbrycht convincingly depicts how the Arsakid dynasty created a kingdom (248 B.C.-A.D. 226), small at first, which, within a century after its founding, came to dominate the Iranian Plateau and portions of Central Asia as well as Mesopotamia. The “Parthian genius” lay in the Arsakids’ ability to have blended their steppe legacy with that of sedentary Iranians, and to have absorbed post-Achaemenid Iranian and Seleukid socio-economic, political, and cultural traditions.

Marek Jan Olbrycht (PhD 1996, Cracow University), Professor of History, Archaeology and Ancient Oriental Studies at Rzeszów University, Poland. Visiting Professor in Germany (Münster University) and the USA (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton). He has published several books, including Parthia et Ulteriores Gentes, 1998, and Imperium Parthicum, 2013.

Series: Mnemosyne, Supplements, Volume: 440

Mnemosyne, Supplements, History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity, Volume: 440

HardbackE-Book (PDF)
ISBN: 978-9004460751
Pages: xvii, 377 pp.
€ 120.00 – $ 144.00
ISBN: 978-9004460768
€ 120.00 – $ 144.00

Readership: The work is intended for scholars and students and will appeal to the general reader interested in Ancient History, especially the Hellenistic Age, Central Asian Studies, Oriental Studies, Iran, and the Steppe Traditions of Inner Asia.

Yes, you have seen well, the price is prohibitive to say the least, but on the other hand the publisher is Brill, a publisher who, in my opinion, is one of the few academic excellences. This volume is for those who want a specialist reading, it’s not for everyone and ends up in my wishlist but I don’t know when I’ll be able to buy it, even if it is my desire to read and tell you about it and be able to have it in my library. We hope for some future discount because I’m sure it will be a very interesting read!

Have a great week-end,


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