Out in 2022: “An Empty Throne” (Alexander’s Legacy #3) by Robert Fabbri

Good day everyone, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia! Today I’ve a wonderful news to tell you: we have a publishing date for

An Empty Throne

(Alexander’s Legacy #3)

by Robert Fabbri

Published by Corvus on 6 January 2022


The third instalment in a huge, bloody and brutal new series from Robert Fabbri, set after the death of Alexander the Great. Who will win the fight to control the largest empire the world has ever seen? Let the battles begin…

The cause of Alexander the Great’s sudden death is no longer in doubt – it was murder. But by whom? As his former followers struggle for power, the bonds of family, friendship and political loyalties are tested to the limit. As is the strength of the formidable empire that Alexander had wrought.

Never before has the Western world seen such turmoil, such a threat to civilisation. As battles rage, armies, cities and thousands of lives are destroyed by the ruthless scheming of those who would be King. Or Queen. Could a marriage be the one thing to bring the broken strands of the empire back together, preventing years of further warfare?

Will a woman succeed where no man can?

ISBN: 9781786498069
RRP: £7.99

This is a great series and I can’t wait to read this third book! You can find the other articles about this saga HERE. I’m excited to continue Alexander’s Legacy saga!

You can save an alert to your Google Calendar at THIS LINK!

i’ll update the missing information about the hardback edition as soon as they will be available! Thank you and have a great day,

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