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Logan Roy as Alexander the Great in Succession s3e2

Good day everyone, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia, the blog about Alexander the Great and Hellenism. In one of the last episodes of the beautiful series Succession airing in its third season on HBO there has been talk of Alexander the Great.

In the episode s3e2 Mass in Time of War Kendall Roy wants to convince his three sibilings to join him against theirs father Logan and to do so he explains them how he intends to proceed in the leadership of the Waystar RoyCo making the comparison between all of them with Alexander’s Successors.

  • So, what do we owe him here, really? -Kendall
  • Well…what would the shape of this new fucking reality be, anyway? Us leapfrogging Amazon? -Roman
  • Yeah! Well, uh, we’re– We’re looking at, uh, 323 BC, basically. -Kendall
  • Oh, yeah. Naturally… -Roman
  • Alexander’s dead. I take Asia, you take Egypt, Shiv takes Europe, Con… the rest of the world. -Kendall
  • Right. -Roman
  • Thanks. -Connor
  • Separate divisions. I could oversee us as CEO on paper as we shift to these spheres of influence, and evaluate what his core is. We move forward. -Kendall
  • So, you’ll oversee us? -Roman
  • Well, I’d offer my leadership initially as a– As a– you know, as a necessary part of a transformational process. -Kendall
  • You would do that for us? -Roman
  • Dude, I’m… -Kendall
  • Oh, you’re so generous. Thanks, Ken. -Roman
  • Well, no, because in your position that just doesn’t work. -Shiv
  • It’s a stretch. -Connor
  • “It’s a stretch”? It’s a fucking scrotum over a timpani drum. -Roman
  • If I were to back you against Dad, I would need to take over. -Shiv
Photo: David M. Russell/HBO ©2020 HBO. All Rights Reserved

I really like this TV show and now I have one more reason to do it. The reference to Alexander is minimal and put into Ken’s perspective it’s as if Alexander’s generals had plotted to kill him, as he is figuratively doing with his father. But beyond what an exact comparison between the Roy’s and the Successors implies which doesn’t seem to me to be the case, it’s nice that Kendall compares himself to the Seleucus in 323.

Thank you and have a great day,


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