Out in February: “A History of Alexander the Great in World Culture” edited by Richard Stoneman

Good day everyone, thank you to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia! I’ve a wonderful publication coming out in a few months!

A History of Alexander the Great in World Culture

edited by Richard Stoneman

Published by: Cambridge University Press

On February 2022

ISBN Hardback edition: 978-1316711798


A History of Alexander the Great in World Culture pp i-ii
A History of Alexander the Great in World Culture – Title page pp iii-iii
Copyright page pp iv-iv
Contents pp v-vi
Figures pp vii-viii
Notes on Contributors pp ix-xii
Preface pp xiii-xiv
Abbreviations pp xv-xvi
1 – Introduction Formation and Diffusion of the Alexander Legend By Richard Stoneman pp 1-13
2 – Alexander and Alexandria in Life and Legend By Dorothy J. Thompson pp 14-41
3 – The Image of Alexander in Ancient Art By Olga Palagia pp 42-64
4 – Alexander, Philosophy and Rome A Trajanic Moment By Sulochana A. Asirvatham pp 65-85
5 – Christianising Alexander Traditions in Late Antiquity By Christian Thrue Djurslev pp 86-108
6 – Alexander in Ancient Jewish Literature By Ory Amitay pp 109-142
7 – The Medieval Alexander Art and Politics By Maud Pérez-Simon pp 143-166
8 – Alexander the Great and the Crusades By Mark Cruse pp 167-196
9 – The Slavic Alexander By Susana Torres Prieto pp 197-215
10 – Alexander the Great in Byzantine Tradition, AD 330–1453 By Anthony Kaldellis pp 216-241
11 – The Spanish Alexander A Figure of Praise and Blame By Richard Rabone pp 242-270
12 – The Persian Alexander (1) The Royal Alexander By Haila Manteghi pp 271-287
13 – The Persian Alexander (2) Amir Khusraw and the Philosophical View of Alexander By Richard Stoneman pp 288-307
14 – Alexander in Medieval Arab Minds Archetype of Kings, Magnificent Warrior, and Custodian of Philosophy and Divine Principles By Faustina Doufikar-Aerts pp 308-333
15 – Alexander in the Age of Shakespeare The Monarchicke Tragedies of Sir William Alexander By Richard Stoneman pp 334-349
16 – Alexander the Great in Opera By Jon Solomon pp 350-374
17 – Alexander in the Long Eighteenth Century (c.1660–1830) By Pierre Briant pp 375-399
18 – Images of Alexander in Germany Hero, Explorer of New Spaces, Cosmopolitanist and Champion of the West By Josef Wiesehöfer pp 400-423
19 – Alexander the Gay and the Gloryhole That Was Greece By Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, Shaun Tougher pp 424-447
Index pp 448-454

Richard Stoneman is one of the names of excellence in the contemporary panorama on Alexander the Great and therefore is synonymous with quality and importance of the book. There is no further information for now. I have seen that on it can be pre-ordered at the price of 205.43 € and is freaking expensive. This will be a book that cannot be missing in my Alexander-graphy but I will wait for it to be published in a paperback edition and for it to be discounted because I want it but at this price I just can’t afford it.

When more information will come out with a precise publication date I will update the article! For now, thank you and keep following me for further updates!


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