Out in two months: “The History of the Diadochoi in Book XIX of Diodoros’ ›Bibliotheke‹. A Historical and Historiographical Commentary” by Alexander Meeus

Good day everyone, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia, the blog about Alexander the Great and Hellenism! Today I’d like to point out one of the beautiful but expensive books that sooner or later I dream of having in my collection and I hope that other books in this series will also come out. Today I announce the release of:

The History of the Diadochoi in Book XIX of Diodoros’ ›Bibliotheke‹
A Historical and Historiographical Commentary

by Alexander Meeus

De Gruyter, 2022

Diodoros of Sicily’s book XIX is the main source for the history of the Diadochoi, Alexander the Great’s Successors, from 317 to 311 BCE. With the first full-scale commentary on this text in any language Alexander Meeus offers a detailed and reliable guide to the complicated historical narrative and the fascinating ethnographic information transmitted by Diodoros, which includes the earliest accounts of Indian widow burning and Nabataean culture.

Studying both history and historiography, this volume elucidates a crucial stage in the creation of the Hellenistic world in Greece and the Near East as well as the confusing source tradition.

Diodoros, a long neglected author indispensable for much of our knowledge of Antiquity, is currently enjoying growing scholarly interest. An ample introduction discusses his historical methods and sheds light on his language and style and on the manuscript transmission of books XVII-XX. By negotiating between diametrically opposed scholarly opinions a new understanding of Diodoros’ place in the ancient historiographical tradition is offered.

The volume is of interest to scholars of ancient historiography, Hellenistic history, Hellenistic prose and the textual transmission of the Bibliotheke.

Alexander Meeus, University of Mannheim, Germany.

This book is Volume 149 in the series Untersuchungen zur antiken Literatur und Geschichte published by De Gruyter and it’s narrative continues the account of the Diadochi, recounting the Second and Third Wars of the Diadochi. Here’s more informations:

Languages: English, Ancient Greek
Audience: Scholars and students of Classical Studies and Ancient history


  • Front matter: 10
  • Main content: 625


  • Coloured Illustrations: 1
  • Tables: 4


  • Planned Publication: March 7, 2022
  • ISBN: 978-3110741957
  • 129,95 €


  • Planned Publication: February 21, 2022
  • ISBN: 978-3110743821
  • 129,95 €

Why do I think this is a must-have book? Because it is written by a great academic, Alexander Meeus and is published by a great publisher of academic texts. Have you also noticed how many pages this book has? More than 600 and the book XIX of the Library by Diodorus how long can it be in itself? 30, 40? So all the other pages are of commentary and analysis! This is why I’d like a volume of this kind to come out for every book from the XVI to the XX of the Diodorus’ Library! Provided that sooner or later they will come out in paperback or that I’ll manage to find them super discounted because unfortunately I cannot spend 130 € for one book.

Anyway, this is going to be a great publication and I wish you a good day! Thanks everyone and keep following me!


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