Now in paperback Caitlin Sumner’s “Alexander’s Lost General” saga + a new publication

Hello everyone, I’m Elena and thanks for being on Alessandro III di Macedonia, blog on Alexander the Great and Hellenism. Today I’m excited to announce you the long awaited (to me) release of the Caitlin Sumner’s paperbacks and finally they arrived, YAY! Look at the last picture which is the new novel just published 😀

I discovered Caitlin Sumner’s books in June of last year (I published THIS ARTICLE) and I was immediately intrigued to read them but I waited hoping and asking the author for the release of the paperback version. From that moment I started to follow Caitlin on Instagram and a short time later I learned that she had intended to work on the release of the paperbacks. I was looking forward to the release of these two books: every time she published a post on Instagram I was more and more excited and curious to read them. But now she made us also another gift because I found out that a new story come out too!

Let’s see all the informations of the books with informations from both the paperback and the Kindle versions. Have you seen how beautiful the covers are?

Alexander’s Lost General

(The Lost General Saga #1)

A female warrior in a time dominated by men, a general in a time ruled by kings. Alexis of Macedon was born with a fire in her spirit that could never be quelled. She grew up at the side of giants, Alexander, Hephaistion, Ptolemy, Cassander. Two would be her brothers, one her lover, and one her greatest enemy.

For twenty-two years they stood together, winning wars, conquering the known world, bringing in a new age. For ten more Alexis fought to hold Alexander’s empire, side by side with Ptolemy. She became known as ‘The Warrior Queen’ or ‘Queen of Asia’, ruler of the known world after Alexander.

Love. Death. Betrayal. War. This is the story of Alexis of Macedon.

ISBN: 978-1511824064
455 pages

The Lost General Saga: Hephaistion

(The Lost General Saga #2)

You know her story, but you don’t know his. See the world of Alexander, Alexis, Ptolemy and Solon through the eyes of Hephaistion, his life spread before you in a sweeping tale of a soul caught between times, in a place that will never be right for him. He dreams of the past and the future. From the beginning, he knew how it would end. Follow in his footsteps as he tries to navigate a life where he has never felt quite right in his own skin, hear his words, and see the world as he saw it.

ISBN: 979-8759022756
188 pages

And let’s see the very new short companion story or novella out:

The Lost General Saga: Alexander

(The Lost General Saga #2,5)

What drove Alexander?

What did he think and feel when he set out to conquer the world?

In this short companion story to Alexander’s Lost General, see through the eyes of Alexander. The great feats he accomplished, the losses he suffered, and the demons he fought as he sought to be king of the known world and beyond…

ISBN: 979-8759219088
95 pages

I will buy these books as soon as I can because I have to read them! Caitlin says that this saga will have a third final book and I can’t wait to know something more about it! You can buy these books on your local Amazon or you can contact her if Amazon doesn’t have them in your country! You can also follow Caitlin in two ways:

I also would like to thank Caitlin for having published them in paperback version and I hope that she will publish the last book too!

I hope to talk you soon about these books!

Have a great week,



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