Out in a special day: “Alexander the Great. A Lyrical Biography” by Christine O’Brien and John Maxwell O’Brien

Good day I’m Elena and you’re on Alessandro III di Macedonia- blog about Alexander the Great and Hellenism. On 20th July, on Alexander’s birthday, a book will be published in his honor:

Alexander the Great. A Lyrical Biography

by Christine O’Brien and John Maxwell O’Brien

Marquette Books, 2022

By the time of his death in Babylon on June 10, 323 BC, Alexander the Great had conquered more than two million square miles and was only thirty-two years of age. He was an intrepid Macedonian warrior, superb strategist and masterful diplomat. He accepted and respected other peoples, cultures, treated women with dignity, and was exceptionally considerate of the disabled. He loved animals, large and small, domesticated and wild. His legacy is felt all over the world. This slim volume serves as an introduction to Alexander, hoping to whet your appetite and lure you into a more extensive and deeper investigation of the questions that still resonate from his meteoric rise and mysterious demise. What follows is a lyrical biography — the first poem covering his life from birth to death since the nineteenth century. The poem is simple and unadorned, readable and rooted in historical research. It was written for curious teenagers as well as lifelong learners.

Christine O’Brien holds an honors degree in classical civilization from Boston College. This epic poem constitutes her literary debut.
John Maxwell O’Brien is an emeritus professor of history at Queens College (CUNY). His best-selling biography, Alexander the Great: The Invisible Enemy, has been translated into Greek and Italian.

This 390-stanza, lyrical biographical poem about Alexander the Great is accompanied by 48 illustrations, most in full color, including a map of his military advances and victories. Read the first 18 pages HERE (PDF document).

128 pp, 6 x 9 format, $24.95 (ISBN 978-1732719743)
Also available in e-book (ISBN: 978-1732719736, $7.99)

Publication Date: July 20, 2022, Alexander’s 2,377th Birthday. You can save a reminder to your Google Calendar from HERE.
Distributed by Ingram Book Company

It’s a to-buy book: I read the first pages and the beautiful and evocative poem is enriched with color photographs, the graphics of the book are beautiful. It won’t be a long read because the book has only 130 pages but I think it will be wonderful! I can’t wait to read it and the fact that it comes out on Alexander’s birthday makes it all more evocative and special! I think it will be a must for all Alexander the Great fans! Thank you,


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