Out soon reprint: “Alexander the Great: A Life in Legend” by Richard Stoneman

Good day everyone, thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia- blog about Alexander the Great & Hellenism, I’m Elena. Richard Stoneman doesn’t need introduction but there was a need for a reprint of one of his books because it had become difficult to find and so:

Alexander the Great. A Life in Legend

by Richard Stoneman

Imprint: Yale University Press

In his brief life, Alexander the Great gained fame as the military genius who conquered the known world. After death, his legend only increased.

Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) precipitated immense historical change in the Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds. But the resonance his legend achieved over the next two millennia stretched even farther—across foreign cultures, religious traditions, and distant nations.

This engaging and beautifully illustrated book for the first time gathers together hundreds of the colorful Alexander legends that have been told and retold around the globe. Richard Stoneman, a foremost expert on the Alexander myths, introduces us first to the historical Alexander and then to the Alexander of legend, an unparalleled mythic icon who came to represent the heroic ideal in cultures from Egypt to Iceland, from Britain to Malaya.

Alexander came to embody the concerns of Hellenistic man; he fueled Roman ideas on tyranny and kingship; he was a talisman for fourth-century pagans and a hero of chivalry in the early Middle Ages. He appears in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic writings, frequently as a prophet of God. Whether battling winged foxes or meeting with the Amazons, descending to the underworld or inventing the world’s first diving bell, Alexander inspired as a hero, even a god. Stoneman traces Alexander’s influence in ancient literature and folklore and in later literatures of east and west. His book provides the definitive account of the legends of Alexander the Great—a powerful leader in life and an even more powerful figure in the history of literature and ideas.

ISBN: 978-0300270068
336 Pages
5.00 x 7.75 in
30 b-w + 16 color illustrations
Publishing date: 13 Dec 2022 (EUROPE) – 21 Feb 2023 (USA)

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations
List of Illustrations
1. Nativity: Egyptian origins (356 BC)
2. Golden Vines, Golden Bowls and temples of Fire: the Persian Versions
3. Cities of Alexander: Jews and Arabs adopt the hero
4. The Marvels of India (329-326 BC)
5. ‘How Much Land Does A Man Need?’ Alexander’s encounter with the Brahmans (326 BC)
6. Alexander as Inventor and Sage
7. Alexander among Women
8. The Search for Immortality
9. The Unclean Nations and the End of Time
10. Death in Babylon (323 BC)
11. Afterlife I: The Medieval Alexander
12. Afterlife II: Alexander the Greek

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This is a to-read book and yes, I’ve still to read it! Thanks for reading, keep following for further news! Have a good day and week,



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