Out soon paperback: “In the Path of Conquest. Resistance to Alexander the Great” by Waldemar Heckel

Good day, I’m Elena and thanks for reading Alessandro III di Macedonia- blog about Alexander the Great and Hellenism! I’m announcing you today a new paperback edition of a book:

In the Path of Conquest. Resistance to Alexander the Great

by Waldemar Heckel

Publisher: Oxford University Press

This book offers a fresh insight into the conquests of Alexander the Great by attempting to view the events of 336-323 BCE from the vantage point of the defeated. The extent and form of the resistance of the populations he confronted varied according to their previous relationships with either the Macedonian invaders or their own Achaemenid rulers. The internal political situations of many states–particularly the Greek cities of Asia Minor–were also a factor. In the vast Persian Empire that stretched from the Aegean to the Indus, some states surrendered voluntarily and others offered fierce resistance. Not all regions were subdued through military actions. Indeed, as the author argues, the excessive use of force on Alexander’s part was often ineffective and counterproductive.

In the Path of Conquest examines the reasons for these varied responses, giving more emphasis to the defeated and less to the conqueror and his Macedonian army. In the process, it debunks many long-held views concerning Alexander’s motives, including the idea that his aim was to march to the eastern limits of the world. It also provides a fresh reevaluation of Darius III’s successes and failures as a commander. Such a study involves rigorous analysis of the ancient sources, and their testimony is presented throughout the book in the form of newly translated passages. A unique portrait of a well-known age, In the Path of Conquest will significantly alter our understanding of Alexander’s career.

Waldemar Heckel is Professor Emeritus of Greek and Roman Studies at the University of Calgary. His previous books include The Conquests of Alexander the Great, Who’s Who in the Age of Alexander, and Alexander’s Marshals.

Table of Contents:

List of Abbreviations

I. In the face of Panhellenic War: Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, 340-334
II. The Long Road to Asia Minor: Resistance in Macedonia and Greece
III. First Clash in Asia Minor
IV. From the Aegean to Cappadocia
V. Persian Counter Measures: The War in the Aegean
VI. The Great King and his Armies
VII. The Campaign in Cilicia
VIII. The Levant and Egypt: Collaboration and Resistance
IX. Darius’ Last Stand and the Collapse of Persian Resistance
X. The End of Darius III
XI. War in Central Asia
XII. Persianizing and the Internal Enemy
XIII. From the Hindu Kush to the Indus
XIV. From the Panjab to Pattala
XV. Return to the West: Problems of Consolidation and the Revival of Old Grievances
XVI. Epilogue

Appendix: Sources for the History of Alexander



  • A unique narrative of Alexander’s victories from the view of the vanquished
  • A fresh reevaluation of Darius III’s successes and failures as a commander
  • A challenge to the traditional view that Alexander’s aim was to march to the eastern limits of the world

ISBN: 978-0197671559
368 Pages
6 1/8 x 9 1/4 inches

USA publication
16 September 2022
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Europe publication
16 January 2023
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This is an unmissable opportunity for those who haven’t purchased it yet! I hope I have been useful to you, keep following me (below you have all the links of my socials) and I wish you a good day!



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