One month ago “In the Shadow of Alexander. He learned from the Master…” by Makis Aperghis was published

Good day and good Sunday everyone, I’m Elena and thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia- Alexander the Great and Hellenism! Today I’d like to point out the release dating back to a month ago of a novel written by an academic:

In the Shadow of Alexander. He learned from the Master…

(In the Shadow of Alexander #1)

by Makis Aperghis

Publisher: Publishing Push

Out on: October 30, 2022

It is 334 BC and ALEXANDER THE GREAT has just crossed into Asia to conquer the Persian Empire. Serving in his elite cavalry is a young Macedonian, SELEUKOS.

For eleven adventurous years, Seleukos follows Alexander to Central Asia, India and back. He experiences many forms of warfare and much more.

Seleukos’ life becomes entwined with that of Alexander, and he learns a great deal from him. But as the setting changes, so too do the characters of the two men and their relationship.

Who is Alexander, finally?

What is Seleukos’ destiny?

Makis Aperghis obtained a Doctorate in Ancient History from University College London. He is the author of a textbook on the Seleukid Empire published by Cambridge University Press. He has also authored numerous scholarly papers on political, military, economic, social, and cultural aspects of the ancient worlds of Greece and the Middle East. After Alexander the Great’s death, Seleukos, one of his generals, was the most successful in the bitter struggle for the succession. This is the first novel of a trilogy about Seleukos.

ISBN: 978-1802277531
Pages: 312
12,05 € (on

File dimensions: 2261 KB
3,63 € (on

Did you read the last sentence of the author bio description? This is the first novel of a trilogy about Seleukos. For now I’ve called the trilogy In the Shadow of Alexander but if I’ll find out it’s called something else I’ll change the name. What can I say except that I’m delighted with this new discovery that will make me read a trilogy? Reading the author’s biography I also discovered that he is the same author of this book The Seleukid Royal Economy. The Finances and Financial Administration of the Seleukid Empire published by Cambridge University Press.

The Seleukid empire, the principal successor-state of the empire of Alexander the Great, endured for over 200 years and stretched, at its peak, from the Mediterranean to the borders of India. This book provides a wide-ranging study of the empire’s economy and the methods used by the Seleukid kings to monetise and manage it so as to extract tribute, rent and taxes as efficiently as possible. It uses a variety of Greek literary sources and inscriptions, cuneiform texts, archaeological, numismatic and comparative evidence to explore in detail the manner of exploitation of their lands and subjects by the Seleukid kings, their city-building activity, the financing of their armies and administration, the use they made of coinage and their methods of financial management. The book adopts a highly original, numerical approach throughout, which leads to a quantified model of the economy of an ancient state.

This is another of the books that are a must read for me, unfortunately for its price I haven’t even bought it yet but sooner or later I’ll have to if I want to read it. Passing over this small detail, I’d like to add that novels written by academics have an advantage because their authors are great connoisseurs of the times and personalities, which I’m having confirmation of these days by reading Dancing with the Lion: Rise by Jeanne Reames.

Stay tuned for more informations and happy Sunday!




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