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Review: “La muerte de Alejandro Magno” by Marc Mendoza from Historia de National Geographic 228

Good day everyone I’m Elena and thanks to be here on Alessandro III di Macedonia- Alexander the Great and Hellenism. A couple of months ago I discovered that in the Historia of December of the Spanish edition there was an article dedicated to Alexander’s death written by prof. Mendoza. I didn’t know how to buy it but I really wanted to have it because the magazine published by National Geographic ensures well done articles always full of beautiful photographs. A Spanish reader wanted to help and do me a wonderful gift by sending me the magazine and today if I tell you about it, it’s all thanks to Carlos Herreros. Thank you so much Carlos for your interest and your help, thank you for the nice words you wrote me about what I do, thank you for your availability, thank you so much indeed. After this due premise let’s start talking about this beautiful number of Historia!

La muerte de Alejandro Magno

by Marc Mendoza

in Historia 228 (Diciembre 2022)

National Geographic

After the wonderful cover, the issue opens with the editorial written by Josep Maria Casals dedicated to our Alexander and the article La muerte de Alejandro Magno by Marc Mendoza goes from page 40 to 53. I’m sorry if my photographs aren’t great and don’t do justice to their beauty but I don’t want to spoil the magazine and I don’t even want to reveal the whole article.

Marc Mendoza’s article talks about Alexander’s last months, from Hephaestion’s death, the events surrounding his entry into Babylon, the course of the king’s illness, the possible causes of his death, up to the events surrounding his body.

Es imposible saber qué fue lo que acabó con la vida de Alejandro sin disponer de los restos físicos del rey.

p. 49

To graphically embellish and complete the main article on pp. 42-43 there is the chronology of Alexander’s last period; on pp. 44-45 an in-depth study of the Chaldeans and the ominous omens for the king; on p. 46 are explained why the prophecies of the Chaldeans were doubted; on p. 48 we find Alexander’s future plans; on p. 50 we talk about the Alexander Sarcophagus and on pp. 52-53 speak of poisons that could have been used to kill the king.

To the Storica‘s Italian readers I can announce that this article will be published in number 169 of March 23! Hopefully they will also put it on the cover but for this news I will notify you as soon as there is more information.

I’m a reader of Storica because the quality of its articles is always excellent, both in terms of the texts and the wonderful images! But this is the first foreign issue I have and I’m delighted to be able to add it to my collection! Thanks to all, thanks to Carlos in particular and keep following me to stay up to date!

Have a good day and good weekend,


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