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Alexander the Great & Hellenism

Welcome and thanks for being here!

I’m Elena I have a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Communication from the Università del Piemonte Orientale (Vercelli, Italy) and if you’ve come across Alessandro III di Macedonia – Alexander the Great & Hellenism you should be interested in Alexander the Great. 😀 Well, because this site is entirely dedicated to him and I hope you’ll like it and will be useful to you!

I’ve been collecting books about him for years and I thought of opening this website with the intention of being helpful in the huge and infinite bibliography on this incredible character and also of finding other great fans of him like me! But that’s not all: I’d like to be a point of reference for fans of Alexander the Great and Hellenism. Over time I intend to collect everything I find about him (and by everything I mean everything)! I know, it’s impossible, but I like the idea of trying.

The website-blog is constantly expanding because I continue to add material of all kinds. Don’t expect to find yourself in a fanpage about Alexander with fan reviews and similar things because my goal is not to be an influencer but to speak honestly about Alexander hoping to offer you a useful tool and as objective as possible. I have no obligation to anyone but only to myself to be honest. I want to slowly try to improve myself as much as possible and I don’t want to pass myself off as who I’m not. I read academic and research material and try to have a less “blogger” approach but I’m not an academic, I’m just a very curious big fan.

My playful, humble and curious approach is reflected in the four mottos I alternate every month.

So here’s a navigation aid with the Site Map and keep in mind that the same criterion was used to order the categories you find in the right colum:

  • Search: an additional search engine (with Google) to more easily search for information within the site.
  • About Me, in this category you’ll find everything about me:
  • Eventi: events about Alexander and Hellenism.
  • Arte: the works of art (mosaics, paintings, statues…) that portray Alexander and Hellenistic peopole divided according to where we can visit them in the world or by artist;
    • Filatelia – Philately: Alexander and Hellenism in the world of Italian and world stamps;
    • Manoscritti originali: in which are collected informations about the manuscripts of the ancient authors that have come down to us;
    • Altre Arti: everything that concerns the other arts, those that are not canonical but are in any case an expression of creativity, reflection, interest in something.

Since May 2020 Alessandro III di Macedonia has been a source of news on Google News and you can follow it from HERE.

Attention please: the material you will find here will never be the complete text of academic articles, newspapers or other, but will be the advertising material easily available on official sites or on sites deemed reliable if there are any, otherwise you will find my review, comments or thoughts. So don’t ask me to post pictures of entire newspaper articles or anything because I won’t. My intention is to be as helpful as I can in your search for material and in deciding which to read or not, not to be a place to find the material. I make reports with comments and more, then it’s up to you if, where and how to find this material.

If you want to leave suggestions, recommendations, comments or anything else, leave them where you prefer, because they are welcome and precious 🙂

Happy browsing

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